Visit Wales

15 seconds of fame

Helping Visit Wales to think about their Instagram account and creating content that saw them increase its size by 400%

One of the biggest problems facing a national tourism board is how exactly to communicate the benefits of an entire country without having to highlight a particular venue or business sector.

For example, it’s difficult to say that a country is a place for great eating without highlighting one restaurant and making hundreds of others feel unrepresented.

Visit Wales were having a hard time working out just what to do with the @visitwales handle that they had left largely unused on Instagram.

With a vibrant community on Facebook and Twitter, there was a lot to live up to for Instagram.

Our obsession with Warhol

Andy Warhol said that in the future, we’d all be famous for 15 minutes.

In the middle of the last century, that seemed pretty revolutionary and honestly, to have foreseen as accurately as he did, is quite an achievement.

Actually though, much of the fame that the internet has facilitated has lasted 15 seconds or less.

That’s a thing we identified with.

The Instagram community in Wales is huge. It’s because the country is so great. There’s heaps of lovely stuff to take pictures of. From mountains to city scapes to breathtaking coastline.

Intstagrammers Wales (IGersWales) is a large community of Instagram users from all around the country.

We decided to partner with @IGersWales to create Instagram content that could be shared by @visitwales and act as a 15s window of fame onto the little big country.

The community embraced the idea and submitted almost 1000 images.

A video posted by Visit Wales (@visitwales) on

The right profile

Instagram’s video capability was the perfect vehicle for squeezing as much great content into the campaign as possible. At 15 seconds, it also fits pretty neatly into Warhol’s vision of the future present.

We invited users to sign up through a specially designed campaign site and submit their photos around three themes:

  • Welsh Skies
  • Streets of Wales
  • Festive Wales (because it’s DECEMBER!)

The response was huge. We generated some really top quality work through this campaign.

A screenshot of the campaign landing page


The results?

Well, the campaign is ongoing. But the early scores are positive. The @visitwales account has seen a 400% growth in followers.

We’ve also helped bring clarity to the offering and created content which can be reused across social media.

By the way…

As a Small Joy, we commissioned Alex Comana – an Italian composer who studied and lived in Wales – to create three tracks to dub the videos.

You can hear those, on the videos themselves.