Mural making at Little Man Coffee

Recently, I’ve been helping author Dan Tyte with a project that local coffee heroes Little Man Coffee asked us to do.

The idea is that Little Man have a wall which is used for an installation of some kind every month. Whether that’s bikes from Punk Bikes or potato prints by illustrator Kate Alizadeh.

This month, Little Man asked Dan Tyte to get something up about his short story entitled Onwards. I agreed to give Dan a hand because it sounded like a cool project and I like everyone involved and also there was no brief which is basically the ideal project as far as I am concerned.

Originally, I grabbed a slide projector and was intending to do an installation based on nostalgia which coincides with the story. However, it turns out, it’s actually pretty bright in Little Man and having slides projected onto a wall there during the day would be about as useful as a paper umbrella.

So I went back to the drawing board and produced a bunch of illustrations about the city. The easiest and most effective way to get these and the story itself onto the wall was through an absolutely huge vinyl.

The vinyl itself is 20 foot wide and just short of five foot tall. Absolutely the biggest sticker I have ever seen. Our friends at Oner Signs did an absolutely great job of the printing.

It took four people to get the vinyl onto the wall itself (shout out to our man Dan Spain who often works on Small Joys projects for being an excellent vinyl peeler) and another three people to support this by shouting encouraging comments.

The installation will be on the wall in Little Man Coffee from now until about the 18th of June. Go and see it!

And have a coffee, obvs.